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After spending countless hours studying horse racing on all different types of courses at different sites and different locations around the world, I’m ready to geek out with you on some numbers. To write this article, I analyzed over 200 different tipsters and their racing results over time, comparing data with the Racing post and Attheraces to confirm who really does have super horse racing tips.

I don’t claim that what I’ve put together here is perfect, but if you’re a racing nerd and want to know for certain whether or not you’re making a good betting selections, I hope this helps.

First, a quick note.  I’m using percentages a lot in this article and I want to make sure I explain what that means. Suppose there is 98% of punters losing on horse racing tips today staking £10.  That means the bookies are profiting at least £980 every one hundred punters.

Let’s Start With the Conclusions

Conclusion #1: Betting blind never makes FINANCIAL sense.  Ever.  You can expect to lose approximately 90% of the total bets you place following the best backed horses today.  There are loads of exceptions to that which we’ll discuss later, but that’s the average.

To be clear, I don’t necessarily think it’s foolish to follow another tipping service than ours.  It’s just that you have to make the decision for reasons other than the financial reasons.  Many racing fanatics want to place the tips for horse betting to their singles, doubles, trebles or maybe even lucky15 tips all from the same source and willing to sacrifice money for that.  For some punters, you’ve worked all week or month to do this and so it’s more about the experience than the money.  Nothing wrong with that if you have the money to blow.  Not everything has to be a financial decision.

Conclusion #2: The best bang for your buck in terms of betting is to bet on singles we’ve proven this time and time with 6 years experience.  A 50% strike rate is massive for a tipsters nap of the day. In the first few years I achieved this but more importantly the whole average is now 67%

I don’t recommend placing horse racing tips daily just for the sake of it because then you very likely to have problems turning a profit.  Suppose you place 5 acca bets and one Horse on each lets you down. What about the £50 for the £10 on each acca bet cost you?  What about the horse racing tips I provide for tomorrow which haven’t got enough money to follow and bet on?  How about that rest of the week that you can’t bet on your favourite hobby?  You get the point.

Conclusion #3: Betting with level stakes makes much more financial sense NOT upping the ante to recruit loses. Gambling with a set balance plays only a tiny roll in the long term scheme for a horse racing tipster because most bets are made on a level stake basis. Single bets can easily turn you a profit in a year of £2000 following our tips for horse betting at £10 level stakes, but tipping services rarely tip winners for long enough before you see profits like our members do.

Conclusion #4: About 85% of all punters place SIGNIFICANTLY more bets than they should.  Most punters set out with a balance and spend 30% more than they initially intended to.  I’m not immune to this.  I bet too much before becoming a professional tipster. The betting balance weekly was £70 and I was actually betting £150 and thought I was really in control.

I checked the spread sheet after I placed a months worth of bets and found that some other tipsters around the web and newspapers were selling memberships at costs that didn’t even cover my bets.  If I’d known this, I could have saved that money to workout a formula, or I could have used that as ammunition to book a sneaky Cheltenham trip away.  Lesson learned.  Next time I’ll keep my £97 per week.

Conclusion #5: There is no significant difference in a tipster that ranks at the top of google than the bottom.  They both have similar win percentage rates.  However, several people follow the horse racing tips found at the top because they are easier to find.  This is likely because they are very good at writing content and have SEO experience.

Conclusion #6: If you have made it this far then you can relate to some of the above.  Firstly The betting selection formula I created wins more times than it loses. Secondly you can try it out for yourself either using a Free joining option or on a trial. Also I run these trials to prove I’m the cats pyjamas in the tipping world.

I can give the stats and our horse racing tips are consistently winning

The following is the average amount of horse racing tips on a typical day.  I determined these numbers and betting types after placing personal bets and reviewing results over a 6 year period.

  • In year One the NAP of the day 50% strike rate (This Gold Premium Tip is the Win Best Bet Of the Day) – This number is extremely high for a tipster especially for a newbie.  The trouble is that many tipsters bought in their info and I didn’t, and some tipsters tell you they are paying you a high amount for your information and then crank up the price on the new memberships if you are lucky enough to land a few winners.  So honestly, this makes it nearly impossible for you to turn a over all profit.
  • Two years old – win rate 56%.  There isn’t much of a difference between a one year and a two year in percentages but in monetary value there is.  I found the process i was using was working and each day slowly improving.  They winners kept coming and they felt as good as ever!  Also, the Gold Premium Tip typically ran well and placed in the top 3 over 90% of the time.
  • Three years old – 60% win rate depreciation  (meaning im now turning a high profit of 10% more than year one)
  • Four years old – 62% win rate
  • Five years old – 65% win rate
  • Six years old – 67% win rate to date this year

Different types of horse racing tips I supply

The key is to keep things simple and not get consumed with several different betting types. Why?  Because a bad day can cost you a fortune. Here are the Silver Premium Tip stats (this is my next best bet of the day)

  • One year old win rate 40% – Like with the nap of the day this number is extremely tough to achieve.  The trouble is in a typical day in the U.K. and Ireland there are around 8 race meetings with 9 runners in each race. That’s 72 horses to study a day! Some tipsters tell you they are researching horse racing tips for tomorrow the night before but this is impossible. To study all these horses and race cards throughly it takes me a minimum of 8 hours. So honestly, this statement I find difficult to believe but I guess they may have a unknown formula. Who knows!
  • Two years old – 44%.  There isn’t much of a difference between the one year old and a two year old stats.  However I found the horses I selected were higher in price! Also some tipping service tip Odds on horses, I don’t and never have. so it’s tough to know how high that win rate could of actually been picking typical well backed favourites. The gross numbers don’t tell us the complete picture here.
  • Three years old – 48% win rate  (meaning nearly half of my super horse racing tips where winning )
  • Four years old – 49% win rate  (better than year Three and a 9% increase on year one)
  • Five years old – 51% win rate (slightly worse than the nap of the day by 13%)
  • Six years old – 52% win rate to date.

Acca bets and Win Lucky15’s

What is a Acca bet? First of all, I know you’re wondering if you can place a small stake and multiply your winnings by hundreds.  I analyzed them and Lucky15’s separately looking at dozens and dozens of bets to find averages.  The answer is that the Lucky15 is a better bet than the Acca bet because of its margin of error.  Therefore, I tip Lucky15 bets.

Really, the only difference between a Acca bet on and a L15 is that if one leg loses on your accumulator your bets gone down. If one, two or three horses win on a L15 your guaranteed returns.

  • In One year – I couldn’t get proper data to analyze this number, but my best estimate is that 80% of the value in your bet has gone in a Acca as soon as it’s placed.
  • Two years placing L15’s – to a £1 stake (£15 total stake) returned me a profit of +£767.
  • Three years – a 25% profit margin  (meaning £191 more returns than year Two with a total profit of +£958)
  • Four years – 29% profit margin  (better than in year two at this point with a profit of +£989)
  • Five years old – 26% profit (slightly better than year Three by one percentage) turning another total profit of £966.
  • Six years – figures are still pending due to the adjustments I’ve had to make the horse racing tips in the USA.

When do I release the tips

The horse tips are updated a day in advance at 8pm, this means you’ve got plenty of time to get on racing tips for tomorrow.

After at least 8 hours researching many racecourses including big meeting tips for Ascot and tips for York races. I create a post on the today’s horse racing tips page with the racecourse name, time, horse tip and best betting odds.

Arguably the racing tips for tomorrow are the most popular as these represent the most value.

However the good news is always that the members horse racing tips for today are always readily available.

Do NOT Get Ripped OFF!

After looking at these numbers for days for Six years, I am AMAZED at how many punters get ripped off.  In my analysis, I saw 85% of racing punters paying SIGNIFICANTLY MORE for the exact same service as another buyer got for more than £5,000 a year less.  If you’re buying a membership from a tipster be certain to read my guide for trials, free racing tips and membership packages.

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