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The Best Each Way Bet of the day today at Doncaster

In boxing days horse racing tips our best each way tipsters landed an excellent winner with Hewick at 12/1.

He won in great style at Kempton.

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How do each way bets work?

Each Way horse racing bets have two bets on one horse – one s to win and one is to place. The ‘Win’ part of the bet is for the horse to win the race, and the ‘Place’ part is on your selection to finish either first or in one of the number of places stipulated by our bookmaker. As you’re effectively betting on two bets in a single selection, a £20 stake would be split, with £10 going on the horse to win, and £10 going on the same horse to place in the same race. If your selection wins, both the ‘Win’ and ‘Place’ parts of the bet will valid for a pay out. However, should your horse place you will lose the ‘Win’ part of your bet, but you’ll get paid out on a ‘Place’. The odds for the ‘Place’ are given as a percentage of the odds for the ‘Win’ and will be available to you when you place your bet. So lets take the best Each Way bet for today as a example..

If your each way bet wins the race you can add together the win bet column and place bet column to get the correct amount. For example, a £10 win at 16/1 pays = £160 and £10 each way at 16/1 = pays out £40 giving you a total of £200 plus your stake is returned.

How much do you get back on a 5 each way bet rather than 10?

Each part of the bet must be an equal stake, e.g. a £5 each way bet will have £5 on the ‘Win’ and £5 on the ‘Place’ making a total of £10That means a total stake of £10, £5 on the win and £5 on the place. For example, £5 win at 16/1 pays = £80 and £5 each way at 16/1 = pays out £20 giving you a total of £100 plus your stake is returned. 

How can I place an each way bet?

Go to your account at an online sports book, visit that site to place your bet. If you do not already have a account chose the one we recommend being bet365.

Once you’re at the site find the meeting at which your horse is running, and then the time of the race. Click on the selection and simply add it to your bet slip. Click the tick-box marked ‘E/W’ – tick this box to indicate that you wish to back this horse each way. You should see the each way odds transmutation / reduction (‘1/4’ means the winning odds are quartered) and the number of places eligible for pay out on that particular race.

Finally enter your stake in the box with your cash amount, remember whatever the figure you input is it will be doubled to cover both parts of the each bet.

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